3 DIY Steps to Increase Your Assignment Writing Skills

Basic Structure of an Essay Assignment

A common theme with an essay assignment is that they follow a particular structure. Even though there is no universal structure, a good essay will contain some of these structures in their plot:

  • Introductory Phase – The first statement in the essay contains the thesis statement. It includes background information regarding the topic in the study. 
  • Body – It includes between three to five paragraphs. It is advisable to avoid overloading your essay with many ideas. Ensure the paragraphs flow naturally and have transitions that connect them.
  • Conclusion – Before biding your final goodbye to your readers, it is essential to impress them. Summarize all critical points in the piece stated for better comprehension for the reader.

Components of Your Writing Skill

A good essay contains different features that help to form the structure. Here is some highlight that needs to be part of your comprehensive report:

  1. Transitions – It forms an essential aspect of the natural flow of your body. Each paragraph should show a connection with each other with a transition. Make use of different transitions such as, on the contrary, nevertheless, despite, on the one hand, among many more. 
  2. Voice – In most academic assignments, it does not leave room for the first person's use. It is essential to develop your assignment using the third person with a neutral tone when highlighting opinions and stating the evidence.
  3. Bullets and numbering – If you have several ideas that need highlighting, you need to show a list. Bullet points play an important role in dissecting issues into different categories. 
  4. Word count – A common mistake most students make is over exceeding or underusing the word count. Read the instructions carefully from your instructor before writing your assignment.

DIY Steps for Writing an Assignment

Your assignment should contain a reliable and complete thesis. It becomes hard to achieve this without having a clear basis that supports your evidence. Here are tips to help you in achieving this:

Creating an Outline

Before you begin the writing process, it is essential to have a clear idea of what you want to say. Create a basic outline that states your main arguments. Ensure you include at least three solid points that will make up the body paragraphs.

Grasp of Grammar, Style, and Punctuation

You need to understand the grammar, style, and punctuation clearly for a stellar piece of work. Apply caution when it comes to the selection of your preferred grammar. The basics should involve a verb followed by a subject agreement. 

Right Diction

Do you know the meaning of the words in your assignment? Most students use technical terms to make their reports look solid. However, some of the words used to go past the context of the subject in question. Forget using a thesaurus word and opt for a simple and understandable word in your report.

Other writing guidelines remain constant such as crating and an argument followed with evidence. Ensure you follow the formatting style by your instructor. Cross check to ensure each detail is included. Take a rest before going through the assignment for editing purposes. 

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