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No Assignment Policy: Is It a Good Idea for Students?

What is the No Assignment Policy? The Department of Education recently issued no assignment policy n learning institutions. It means that the teachers will be prohibited from assigning academic work to be completed outside the school confines.  It elicits different reactions from educational stakeholders who have a share. However, it has enrolled in a heated […]

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How to Ace Your Expository Essay Assignment in College

What Does Expository Writing Mean? As the name suggests, it is all about exposing something. The main intention behind the piece is to explain a concept logically and straightforwardly. It offers a reasonably balanced stance on the topic that bases on facts. It does not feature any sentiments or thought process of the writer towards […]

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3 DIY Steps to Increase Your Assignment Writing Skills

Basic Structure of an Essay Assignment A common theme with an essay assignment is that they follow a particular structure. Even though there is no universal structure, a good essay will contain some of these structures in their plot: Introductory Phase – The first statement in the essay contains the thesis statement. It includes background […]

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