Everything You Need to Know About a Strong Argumentative Essay

What Does an Argumentative Essay Entail?

The central ideology behind argumentative essays is to test one’s ability to compile facts, statistics, and concepts when supporting their viewpoints. It is an essay to gauge the efficacy of your writing. In case your report can change one’s mind or position on a particular topic, you might have got the job done right. However, if it fails to elicit a reaction, you might have fallen in proving your stance.

Making arguments is part of a life skill. As human beings, we often disagree on many things. Our differences in our setup make us see things in a different light. However, arguing opens the mind of others to view items in the same way we do. That is the point of writing an argumentative essay.

Writing an argumentative essay follows a logical and reasonable plot. It involves carrying out research to back up your facts. It is about leaving behind no reasonable doubt when convincing the other person about your standpoints. 

Elements of a Convincing Argumentative Essay

Convincing your readers over a common topic can prove a daunting task. Your readers most likely hold a different standpoint about the topic or issue at hand. Therefore, it all boils down to your convincing power to take them off their comfort zone and view things in a different light. Here are essential elements that need to be part and parcel of your essay:

Debatable Topic

When selecting your topic of choice, it is highly recommended to choose one with more than one side. It is about arguing on issues that can elicit a different standpoint. You cannot argue over a one-sided topic. For example, you cannot say on the fact that humans use eyes to see. It is a well-known fact, thus making a baseless fact. Some contentions topics that make for a good essay include:

  • Gun control
  • Abortion
  • Education
  • Poverty
  • GMOs
  • War

Making a Stance

Before you begin an argumentative essay, you should clearly state your stance on the topic. The reader must pick your thoughts on the case from the word go. Apart from choosing the perspective, it would help if you stuck with it till the end. You might encounter some counterarguments, but it is primal you stick to your stance.

Supporting Facts

Your entire essay will prove futile if you fail to back your claims with strong references. We have talked about how statistics help in establishing your sentiments. It is, therefore, essential to ensure you back the statistics with references. These references can be from researches and known facts. Do not include popular opinions about the topic. It would help if you substantiated between facts and myths.

Refuting Alternate Oppositions

While making your stance, you should note other viewpoints make a solid argument. It is your responsibility to prove that your perspective holds more ground compared to others. It is advisable to address these different stances to make your essay strong. Ensure you tackle different popular opinions regarding the topic.

Your writing prowess comes to test with the essay. It would help if you showed proficiency in expressing thoughts and stance with the topic.

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