How to Ace Your Expository Essay Assignment in College

What Does Expository Writing Mean?

As the name suggests, it is all about exposing something. The main intention behind the piece is to explain a concept logically and straightforwardly. It offers a reasonably balanced stance on the topic that bases on facts. It does not feature any sentiments or thought process of the writer towards the subject.

In most prompts that come with the assignment, you will be required to define the terms. The fact you will be giving more explanations on the topic does not mean it will be easy. Many thought processes go into writing the piece. 

Presenting Facts and Figures

In case your professor hands you an expository essay assignment, it means they want you to present pure facts to them. The writing process does not leave any room for bias or personal emotions. It involves carrying out research and presenting facts, sound simple, right?

A mistake common with most writers make is assuming the readers’ knowledge concerning the topic. Hence, the writers brush over essential details, thinking it is common knowledge. 

Part of the writing process involves the use of the third person in the narration. Other instances allow for second-person narration. It is essential to read through the instructions given by your instructor on how to write the report.

Features of an Expository Essay

The report carries various components that make it reliable and complete. It is recommended to maintain your focus on the topic. Never go into lengthy explanations, wordiness, and unrelated issues about the subject. The details are essential in supporting facts in your piece:

  • Quotes and phrases
  • Stats
  • Charts and graphs
  • Comparisons
  • Descriptive information

Nature of Facts in Essay

The presentation of facts in your writing follows a particular process. Furthermore, the entire structure has a concise and compelling flow of ideas and information. Below are features of such information in your piece:

  1. Descriptive – This feature is a prerequisite when writing scientific reports. It calls for the inclusion of a background description stated chronologically. 
  2. Illustrative – If you have stated statistics or figures, it is essential to pin a reference to guide the reader on further information about the facts presented.
  3. Explanatory – Analytical writing involves breaking down the topic into consequent topics for better comprehension of the information. 
  4. Clarity – This forms the core of the entire writing process, where the facts presented are mentioned and explained.
  5. Unbiased – The facts and information presented in the piece should not have any personal inclinations with your emotions. 

Formatting Your Expository Essay

The standard structure of many expository essays uses the normal five paragraphs. It includes the start of an introduction and ending in a conclusion. The body of the paper consists of three main paragraphs. Each paragraph in the body limits the subtopic. 

However, this is not the standard format of an expository essay. The introductory part of the report includes a thesis statement. The entire body of the paper bases on the use of facts and not opinions. Transitions should connect thoughts on different paragraphs. The conclusion part of the essay should summarize essential facts and points mentioned in the report.

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